Knowledge is the power to perform

Knowledge is the power to perform


FirstView President Says Healthcare Innovation Starts With Elimination of Patient Billing Surprises

To hear Bob Raffo tell it, fear is one of the biggest hurdles standing in the way of medical treatment in the U.S. But the

Paytech vs. Fintech: Why Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Markets Need Both

  In this era of digital innovation, technology is evolving faster than ever. This is particularly true in the healthcare and financial sectors, where businesses

Making Affordability the First Step in the Patient Journey

As Americans are struggling with high-deductible plans, opaque pricing, cost shifting and social determinants of health, it is becoming apparent that the crisis in healthcare

Q&A with Bob Raffo, FirstView Financial

PayBefore/FinTech Futures November, 2017 – Joining FirstView Financial in July 2017 as president and CEO, Bob Raffo has quickly become a proponent of developing the

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