The intersection of healthcare, fintech and the patient experience.

ProXe360®: Near Real-Time Claims Adjudication Through ProXeclaim®

In our quest to deliver a simple and seamless payment solution to pharmaceutical and healthcare partners, FirstView Financial has developed a unique industry-specific use of healthcare fintech. Powered by our cutting-edge proprietary platform, ProXe360, we’ve leveraged key relationships with industry partners to provide real-time copay payments and proprietary claims adjudication capability. Our API integration enables our hub and copay partners to seamlessly add benefits verification (BV) and benefits investigation (BI) to the enrollment and screening process and make real-time omni-channel payments to patients. Our proprietary ProXeclaim adjudication service enables pharmaceutical manufacturers to implement and manage complex claims transactions in closed networks of specialty pharmacies. Through our proven capability of building innovative and customized solutions, we serve clients ranging from hub service providers and copay program managers to specialty pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Helping you create seamless patient journeys is a passion that we don’t take lightly and continues to fuel our industry-leading innovation. The intersection of healthcare, fintech and the patient experience.

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