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The cornerstone of our product suite is ProXe360®, our proprietary omni-channel digital technology platform. With core competencies in payment management for both commercial programs and consumer programs, delivered through traditional and non-traditional payment processing, our state-of-the-art technology allows our clients to very simply implement complex business rules for complex markets. ProXe360 is highly configurable with robust APIs making it easy to create and manage digital remittances, reimbursements, deposits and disbursements in a simple, seamless and near real-time manner. The platform’s portal user interface focuses on your customer, creating experiences that engage, drive trust, increase utilization and instill long-term loyalty.

Omni-Channel Payments with ProXepayClaims Adjudication Through ProXeclaim

Customized API Integration TileCustomer Engagement Tile

ProXepay, ProXeclaim, User Interface/integration and Client Engagement

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