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About Us

Since 2006, FirstView Financial has been pioneering innovative fintech solutions, exploring new possibilities and pushing industry limits at every turn. The result? We’ve transformed the process of receiving and sending payments, making it simple, seamless and near real-time for the one million plus accounts we serve. Our customizable and flexible suite of services allows our clients to have full control and transparency over program creation and implementation with the benefits of new revenue streams, reduced costs, increased security, improved overall efficiencies and, most importantly – consistently meeting your customer expectations.

“Our cutting-edge technology capabilities, coupled with our flawless client-centric program implementation and management, empower our clients to create a program that uniquely suits their own customer needs.”
– Bob Raffo, President and CEO

As a premier provider of fintech solutions, our product suite addresses the needs of companies in markets with challenging and complex payment needs. These multi-faceted and highly regulated markets include diverse private label prepaid programs, both consumer and commercial general-purpose reloadable cards, as well as the growing needs of the healthcare and pharmaceutical affordability markets. ProXe360®, the cornerstone of our services suite, is a proprietary omni-channel platform that streamlines payments and creates marketplaces that support person-to-person, business-to-business and/or business-to-consumer transactions employing robust API integration and all financial network processing.

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